Japanizer 1.38.0 released

Japanizer 1.38.2 released

Japanizer 1.38.2 was released on 31 May 2016. This release fixes the problem with Firefox disabling the extension when additional dictionaries were added by the user (“Japanizer could not be verified for use in Firefox and has been disabledR… Read more

Japanizer 1.38.1 released

Japanizer 1.38.1 was released on 25 May 2016. This release adds support for displaying different translations for the same meaning. For example, if a dictionary had these entries with different meanings: <entry key=”who” kanji=”&… Read more

Japanizer 1.38.0 released

Japanizer 1.38.0 was released on 11 May 2016. Changes in this version include: prevent loading the same dictionary multiple times compatibility with new addon format