Japanizer 1.38.3 released

Learning Japanese – basics

If you’re about to start your adventures with Japanese, here is a bunch of quick facts about this language: It’s one of the most difficult languages to master! Even native Japanese speakers have problems reading and writing kanji (if you … Read more

Getting Internet access in Japan

Getting internet access in Japan will depend on your status – if you’re a short-time visitor (i.e. tourist) or staying here for longer. If you’re a tourist, you may be surprised that most restaurants, cafes, bars don’t provide… Read more

Opening a bank account in Japan

If you’re staying in Japan for longer, it might be useful for you to have a local bank account. Please note that it can be a painful process, especially if you don’t speak Japanese (surprisingly little Japanese employed in banks know any … Read more

Japanizer 1.38.5 released

Japanizer 1.38.5 was released on 06 June 2016. Changes include: removed excessive debugging  

Japanizer 1.38.4 released

Japanizer 1.38.4 was released on 04 June 2016. Changes include: Japanizer now properly removes all its preferences and dictionaries after uninstalling  

Japanizer 1.38.3 released

Japanizer 1.38.3 was released on 01 June 2016. There was one change in this version: added “Preferences” button in Addons screen