About Japanizer

Japanizer lets you learn and practice Japanese words while reading English.

It adds Japanese translation to some English words on the page you’re currently reading, be it a blog site or a newspaper article.
Japanizer by default adds kanji and kana translations; some dictionaries come with romaji.
More advanced Japanese students can choose to leave romaji, or even kana translations off.
Beginners can choose to disable kanji, if they find kanji hard and confusing and focus on kana and romaji.

For example, English word “after” would be changed to after (後, あと, ato).

The extension is configurable:

  • disable on selected tabs
  • disable for selected domains (i.e. *.example.com or *.jp)
  • selectable “show kanji”, “show kana”, “show romaji”
  • support for multiple dictionaries
  • dictionaries are editable


We have the following dictionaries which can be used with Japanizer:

  • Genki I
  • Genki II
  • Human Japanese
  • Human Japanese Intermediate
  • JapWords
  • JLPT3 vocabulary
  • JLPT4 vocabulary
  • JLPT5 vocabulary
  • Minna No Nihongo I
  • Minna No Nihongo II
  • Pimsleur Japanese
  • WaniKani Kanji
  • WaniKani Vocab

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