Japanizer 1.38.0 released

Japanizer 1.38.0 was released on 11 May 2016. Changes in this version include: prevent loading the same dictionary multiple times compatibility with new addon format  

Japanizer 1.37 released

Japanizer 1.37 was released on 07 October 2015. Although dictionary files are in XML format, Japanizer expects them to have .japanizer extension. This version adds extension check (.japanizer) for loaded dictionaries and shows a dialog if the extensi… Read more

Japanizer 1.36 released

Japanizer 1.36 was released on 24 September 2015. This release fixes some validation warnings present in Japanizer 1.35.

Japanizer 1.35 released

Japanizer 1.35 was released on 26 August 2016. Changes include: added ability to use multiple dictionaries at once dictionaries are user-editable To edit a dictionary, edit your .japanizer file in a favourite editor (i.e. remove a word which you don&… Read more

Japanizer 1.34 released

Japanizer 1.38.3 was released on 01 June 2016. Changes include: fixed Japanizer printouts for tabs with Japanizer disabled fix most Mozilla addon site warnings  

Japanizer 1.33 released

Japanizer 1.33 was released as Firefox addon on 22 December 2014. This is an initial Japanizer release.

Why Japanizer?

I’m an IT (Linux engineer / sysadmin) freelancer working 100% “online” – all I need to work is my laptop and a reliable internet connection. This allowed me to travel a lot and spend the last few years living in many countries… Read more