Japanizer 1.38.1 released

Japanizer 1.38.6 released

Japanizer 1.38.6 was released on 18 August 2016. Changes include: fixed a bug which caused displaying an English word twice

Dictionary updates: Genki I Vocab

We’ve made quite a few changes in Genki I Vocab dictionary – mostly omitted “to” to match better in the browser, fixes for many words being one single term before (result of imperfect anki import script) and similar improvemen… Read more

Learning Japanese – basics

If you’re about to start your adventures with Japanese, here is a bunch of quick facts about this language: It’s one of the most difficult languages to master! Even native Japanese speakers have problems reading and writing kanji (if you … Read more

Getting Internet access in Japan

Getting internet access in Japan will depend on your status – if you’re a short-time visitor (i.e. tourist) or staying here for longer. If you’re a tourist, you may be surprised that most restaurants, cafes, bars don’t provide… Read more

Opening a bank account in Japan

If you’re staying in Japan for longer, it might be useful for you to have a local bank account. Please note that it can be a painful process, especially if you don’t speak Japanese (surprisingly little Japanese employed in banks know any … Read more

Japanizer 1.38.5 released

Japanizer 1.38.5 was released on 06 June 2016. Changes include: removed excessive debugging  

Japanizer 1.38.4 released

Japanizer 1.38.4 was released on 04 June 2016. Changes include: Japanizer now properly removes all its preferences and dictionaries after uninstalling  

Japanizer 1.38.3 released

Japanizer 1.38.3 was released on 01 June 2016. There was one change in this version: added “Preferences” button in Addons screen  

Japanizer 1.38.2 released

Japanizer 1.38.2 was released on 31 May 2016. This release fixes the problem with Firefox disabling the extension when additional dictionaries were added by the user (“Japanizer could not be verified for use in Firefox and has been disabledR… Read more

Japanizer 1.38.1 released

Japanizer 1.38.1 was released on 25 May 2016. This release adds support for displaying different translations for the same meaning. For example, if a dictionary had these entries with different meanings: <entry key=”who” kanji=”&… Read more