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Default dictionary is very small, how can I get more words / dictionaries?

There are several Japanizer dictionaries aimed at different levels and bundling them all with the extension would make it large.

You can download additional dictionaries in Full Dictionaries menu.

Can I edit the dictionaries?

Yes. All dictionaries are text documents in XML format and can be modified in any text editor.

I know this word already – can I make Japanizer skip it?

All you have to do is to edit any dictionary (*.japanizer file) and remove the lines with the words/expressions you no longer want displayed.

How can I “toggle” Japanizer?

There are a few ways to do it:

  • right click on a page and choose “Toggle Japanizer” option (or, right click followed by pressing “J” letter)
  • in Japanizer menu located in the upper right side of the browser, you can see “Disable on this tab” (disables on current tab for the current session), “Disable on this domain” (disables for current domain for the current session) and finally, “Disable everywhere” (disables on all tabs for the current session, until browser restart or changing the option)
  • in Japanizer options, it’s possible to define page exceptions, for example, *.jp – Japanizer will not be activated on all domains which end with .jp.
Does Japanizer recognize the words from the context?

No, there is no artificial intelligence in Japanizer and it simply matches English words with Japanese kanji/kana meanings, without looking at the context: users have to be aware that Japanizer can’t distinguish between homographs.

Is there a Chrome / Chromium version of Japanizer?

Right now, Japanizer only exists for Firefox. Chrome extension model is quite different from Firefox and it would be difficult for us to write a Chrome port (given our limited resources).

However, if enough users request Chrome version, we might consider it in the future.

I found a bug/typo in a dictionary – what should I do?

Please report it via the contact form.

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