Full dictionaries

We have the following dictionaries available for Japanizer:

Name Kanji Kana Romaji Words Last update
Genki I no yes no 745 2016-07-02
Genki II yes yes no 587 2016-05-23
Human Japanese yes yes no 1665 2016-05-23
Human Japanese Intermediate yes yes no 1135 2016-05-23
JapWords yes yes yes 4274 2016-06-02
JLPT3 vocabulary yes yes no 1222 2016-05-23
JLPT4 vocabulary yes yes no 2789 2016-05-23
JLPT5 vocabulary yes yes no 648 2016-05-23
Minna No Nihongo 1 yes yes no 1264 2016-06-02
Minna No Nihongo 2 yes yes no 1449 2016-06-02
Pimsleur Japanese yes yes no 808 2016-05-23
WaniKani Kanji yes yes no 2352 2016-05-23
WaniKani Vocab yes yes no 1054 2016-05-23

By default, Japanizer only comes with a small dictionary which just demos how the addon works.

To use the above dictionaries, do the following:

  • go to Japanizer options:



  • from “Dictionaries” tab in Japanizer options, choose “Add Custom” and add any *.japanizer dictionary you have downloaded:


12 comments on “Full dictionaries”

  1. Your new version has big problems.

    1) Clicking on “add custom” does nothing (Latest Firefox ESR in Windows 7).

    2) There are no dictionaries as default

    3) There are no instructions on how to add dictionaries

    Suggestion: Just make all the dictionaries part of the package – users can activate or deactivate as they choose. Size will only be 400 kb more or so and will be so more practical

    1. Please try the latest version (1.38.2), it should fix points 1 and 2.

      We’ve also added the instructions on adding dictionaries (above).

      Right now, we don’t plan to bundle the dictionaries together with the extension.

      1. – Japanizer, when uninstalled, leaves behind at least six settings (see about:config). A well-designed add-on should clean up after itself.

        – Default dictionary cannot be removed.

        1. > Japanizer, when uninstalled, leaves behind at least six settings (see about:config).

          Thanks for catching this, it will be fixed in one of the new releases.

          > Default dictionary cannot be removed.

          This is by design, so that user cannot stay without any dictionaries. You can always set the default dictionary to off (make it the default unchecked + select other added dictionaries).

        2. > Japanizer, when uninstalled, leaves behind at least six settings (see about:config).

          This is now fixed in version 1.38.4 (released on 04 June 2016).

  2. It would be nice to know who YOU are. Why you are making this, and so on … how about adding to the “About” in the menu?

  3. Still not quite solved. Installed latest version from Mozilla add-on page (version 1.38.2).

    – No default dictionary appears in list.

    – When clicking “Add custom” nothing happens except for the brief change of color on the button indicating a click has taken place.

    – This probably has something to do with having an old version of Japanizer installed previously.On a fresh profile of Firefox it works.

    1. OK, good you found a workaround.

      I’ll try to find out if the update can somehow fix it automatically.

  4. Problem still not solved. Only works on fresh install of Firefox. Installing on Firefox that had previous version uninstalled gives nonfunctional “add custom” dictionary button and no dictionaries in list.

    (Still, this add-on is a cool idea! Otherwise people wouldn’t bother to comment.)

    1. I will try to find a workaround for that… Would you mind zipping your japanizer folder in Firefox profile (should be somewhere in .mozilla/firefox/…/extensions/addon@japanizer.firefox/ – though the exact location will depend on your operating system)?

      And then send it to japanizer -at- japanizer.org.

      This should help find the cause.

  5. Probably not the place to put this but would love to see a couple of new options in the extension. Specifically the option to remover the English word (possibly with with the originally word coming up when hovering the mouse over the Japanese).

    The problem I have with the extension right now is that when reading my mind will immediately take the easier option and ignore the Japanese.

    Hopefully you read this and take this into consideration.

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